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ISSUE 1  May 2, 2002

Welcome to another year of the North Dakota Crop and Pest Report. We will be with you for the next sixteen issues. Good Luck this season. If you have comments about agricultural production concerns you would like to see discussed, feel free to contact us. Check the back page for telephone numbers, addresses, or e-mail.

The staff



The mailing list, AGDAKOTA, has been established for seven years, now. AGDAKOTA has been set up to promote the exchange of information between ag professionals about current events in North Dakota agriculture. The forum is suited for asking questions of your colleagues about production and pest issues. It is also a place to provide updates on what is happening currently in the fields around the state and region. The owner of the list is Phillip Glogoza, NDSU Extension Entomologist. His e-mail address is:


If you would like to subscribe, send a mail message to Majordomo@ndsuext.nodak.edu with the following message:

subscribe agdakota <your e-mail address>

do NOT include your signature

This mailing list promotes networking on ag production issues among ag professionals in the state of North Dakota. The mailing list serves as a common e-mail address. Due to some computer virus scares last season, the only people who can send messages to Agdakota are those on the subscriber list. If you want to participate, you must subscribe.



The 2001 management guides are available through the NDSU web pages. They can be found through the NDSU Extension main page at:


For a more direct route, check these addresses.

North Dakota Insect Management Guide


North Dakota Weed Control Guide


North Dakota Field Crop Fungicide Guide




ProCrop is a crop production data base containing crop production information produced by NDSU crop production specialists. It has been updated and available to you at the site address listed below.


It is easy to use; click on the crop area you wish to review and use the key words to select your material. There are over 1200 files and links to other sites. ProCrop is designed to provide fast reference information. If you have suggestions for additional material or improvements or need assistance in becoming familiar with ProCrop, please contact me. I hope you find ProCrop to be a useful and handy reference for your crop production questions this summer.

Terry Gregoire
Area Extension Specialist/Crop Production
Devils Lake

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