NDSU Crop and Pest Report


ISSUE 9  June 27, 2002


Southwestern ND

Rainfall occurred over much of the southwest last week but amounts received are highly variable. Hettinger finally received significant rainfall, the first time this growing season where the week’s rainfall equaled to or exceeded an inch. The malting barley variety screening plot near Haliday also received over an inch of rain for the week. However in many areas around the southwest received less than 0.5 inches of rain.

We continue to receive a large number of inquires on alfalfa weevil and its control. In some cases alfalfa is very short where dry conditions have been severe. These producers are considering grazing these fields rather than haying. If producers intend to control alfalfa weevil in alfalfa fields they intend to graze they should be aware of the preharvest intervals (PHI) for the particular product used. In brief Malathion has no time limitation but Ambush, Pounce, Furadan, Lorsban, methyl parathion, and Penncap-M has a 14 to 15 day PHI; Baythroid, Sevin, Imidan, Lannate, Methoxychlor, and Warrior have a seven day PHI. PHI and other useful information can be found on the label.

Roger Ashley
Area Extension Specialist

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