NDSU Crop and Pest Report



square.jpg (1058 bytes) Introduction

Updated NDSU Field Day and Other Crop Tours

square.jpg (1058 bytes) Entomology

Soybean Aphid Interest Starting

Barley Thrips Concerns

Troubleshooting Plant Injury

Sugarbeet Root Maggot: Fly Numbers Building, Peak Activity Imminent

square.jpg (1058 bytes) Plant Science

Identity Preserved Services

Appraising Hail Injury to Small Grains

Hail Damage in Oilseed & Row Crops

square.jpg (1058 bytes) Plant Pathology

Small Grain Crop Stages and Fungicide Application

Early Season Fungicide Update

Late Season Fungicides for Small Grains

Small Grain Leaf Disease Forecasting and Fusarium Head Blight Risk Map Update

Tan Spot and Varieties

Rust Report - Small Grains

Take-all Root Rot and Wet Soils

Plant Diagnostic Lab Summary

Sclerotinia Risk Map Update

Potato Blightline Update

Chickpea Producers Advised to Scout for Ascochyta

square.jpg (1058 bytes) Soils

Growing Degree Days-1961-1990 Average Compared with 2002

Purple Corn, Yellow Wheat, Yellow Beans

square.jpg (1058 bytes) Weeds

Late Foxtail Options in Barley

Moss Control in Stock Tanks and Standing Water

Two ND State Labels for Goal Herbicide

Reminder: 2002 Is Last Year for Cyanazine Products

Pesticide Maker and EPA Change Label for Low-volume Sprayers

EPA's Drift Reduction Proposal

square.jpg (1058 bytes) Around the State


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