NDSU Crop and Pest Report



square.jpg (1058 bytes) Introduction

IPM Crop Pest Survey Results on Web

square.jpg (1058 bytes) Entomology

Buffalo Gnats Starting in Eastern ND

Grasshopper Update: 2002 IPM Survey

Aster Leafhopper Abundant in Region

Sugarbeet Root Maggot: Peak Fly Nearing

Excess Soil Moisture May Challenge Postemergence Root Maggot Control Efforts

square.jpg (1058 bytes) Plant Science

Check Your Soybeans for Nodules

Effects of Flooding on Corn

Harrowing for Weed Control

square.jpg (1058 bytes) Plant Pathology

Wet Soils and Oomycete Pathogens

Late Blight Update

Disease Survey Results, 6/3-7

Small Grains Disease Forecasting, 6/11

Watch for Apothecia (Mushroom Bodies) of Sclerotinia

square.jpg (1058 bytes) Soils

Fertilizer and Heavy Rainfall

Nitrogen Status of Soil Covered with Water

Growing Degree Days - 1961-1990 Average Compared with 2002

square.jpg (1058 bytes) Weeds

Weed Control in Drought Stressed Spring and Barley

EPA Okays Wild Oats Control for Reduced-till Safflowers

General Tips for Spraying in Dry Weather

Two ND Supplemental Labels (24c) Granted

square.jpg (1058 bytes) Horticulture

Taphrina on Prunus

square.jpg (1058 bytes) Around the State

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