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ISSUE 6  June 7, 2001


The University of Minnesota Extension Service will be offering the 2001 Ag Professional Field School at two locations. The first school will be held at Crookston-Northwest Research and Outreach Center, July 10-11 and the second school will be held at Rosemount Research and Outreach Center, July 25-26. The Crookston Field School will be geared toward crops produced in Northwest Minnesota and the Rosemount School will reflect crops grown in central and southern Minnesota. .

This is a hands-on, in-field program emphasizing crop and pest management skills applied to major crops grown in their respective geographic areas within the state. Participants will have the opportunity to enhance their troubleshooting and crop management skills in specially designed plots that display actual cropping situations. The Field School is targeted towards sales people in seeds, chemicals, fertilizer, crop consultants, crop production specialists, agronomists, and county extension educators. A total of 12 CEU have been requested for this program. The Crookston Field School will offer the following CEU: Soil and Water Management, 2.0 hr; Pest Management, 7.5 hr; Crop Production, 2.5 hr. Rosemount Field School will offer the following CEU: Soil and Water, 2.5 hr; Pest Management, 7.0 hr; Crop Production, 2.5 hr.

Participants will be placed in small groups based on their professional experience. The registration fee is $285.00 and registrations must be received by June 29, 2001. The Field School brochure includes the registration information and is available upon request. To receive the program brochure and registration information, contact Tracey Benson at 1-800-318-8636. Please disregard the 888 phone numbers listed in the brochure. You can also view the program description and register online at the following web site:


If you have questions regarding program content, you can contact Kevin Cavanaugh at (612) 625-2778 or by email at cavan008@tc.umn.edu .

Kevin Cavanaugh
IPM & Ag Professional Program Coordinator
Department of Agronomy and Plant Genetics
University of Minnesota

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