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ISSUE 14  August 2, 2001


South-Central ND

During the past week (July 25-31), recorded rainfall at NDAWN sites in south-central North Dakota ranged from 0.3 inches at McLeod to 3 inches at McHenry. Most areas received at least an inch of rain during the period. Areas of Eddy and Foster counties have received 6 to 12 inches of rain during the past 2 weeks. Excessive rain, high winds, and occasional hail have greatly reduced the yield and quality potential of the regionís small grain crop. This is especially evident north of I94. Winter wheat and a low percentage of barley has been harvested in the region. Challenges for small grain harvest and canola swathing are retrieving a lodged and wet crop from wet fields. Several weeks of sunshine, warm temperatures, and drying winds are needed! A weather break is also needed for haying. The good news is that corn, soybean, dry bean, and sunflower generally have benefitted from recent rains.

Small-grain planted mid May or later will be under heavy foliar and head (e.g. scab) disease pressure, besides having lodged stands. Early-planted wheat trials at the Carrington Research Extension Center are showing scab symptoms. For example, recrop wheat and durum variety trials planted April 30 averaged 45 and 80% incidence of scab, respectively, when evaluated at the soft-dough stage. Sclerotinia is becoming more common in commercial canola fields and research trials. Risk of white mold in dry bean continues to be high due to the wet environment. Various larvae (e.g. thistle caterpillar, alfalfa webworm, sunflower beetle) continue to threaten broadleaf crops with defoliation. Sunflower growers should be scouting for seed weevil, banded sunflower moth, and lygus bug in sunflower in the late-bloom and early-flower stages. This is especially true for confection growers.

Gregory Endres
Area Extension Specialist/Cropping Systems
NDSU Carrington Research Extension Center

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