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South Central ND

High amounts of rainfall occurred throughout south_central North Dakota this past week. The ND Ag Weather Network weather stations in this region recorded from 2.29 inches of rain at Harvey to 4.11inches at Robinson during May 5 to 11. Unofficial reports ranged from two to over eight inches of rain. The area has abundant to excessive levels of soil moisture especially in counties including Barnes, Ransom, Sargent, and Dickey. No_till acres are especially wet. Alfalfa, winter grain, and pastures currently appear in good condition. The majority of the region's canola and flax acres have been planted. Some concern exists regarding emergence of these shallow_seeded crops due to potential crusting problems from the heavy rain. The majority of small grain acres have been seeded south of I_94 while in Eddy, Foster, Wells, and Sheridan counties seeded acres total 25% or less. Corn planting had been in progress for one to two weeks in Dickey, Sargent, and Ransom counties and had just begun in other areas before the recent rain. Some small grain has emerged during the past one to two weeks. Tan spot is appearing in winter wheat fields. Besides planting, wild oat control will be a priority when growers are able to resume fieldwork.

Greg Endres.
Area Extension Specialist/Cropping Systems
Carrington Research and Extension Center
Carrington, ND

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