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square.jpg (1058 bytes) Entomology

Cereal Aphids in Small Grains

Alfalfa Blotch Leafminer

Cutworm Activity Significant

Wheat Midge Degree Days

Black Stem Weevil in Sunflowers

Potato Leafhopper Adults in Potato

square.jpg (1058 bytes) Plant Science

CRP Update 1999

Casselton Field Day Cancelled

Dry Beans: Growth And Maturity

Cool Temperatures And Small Grains

Evaluate Your Corn Crop Planting

Discolored Corn Clues You to Causes

Why Has Soil Crusting Been a Concern?

Check Your Soybeans For Nodulation

square.jpg (1058 bytes) Plant Pathology

Small Grain Disease Survey Update

Foliar Fungicide Decisions For Wheat, ND 1999

Summary of 1999 Greenhouse Fungicide Application Trials Now Available

Quadris Use on Canola For Sclerotinia Stem Rot

Sclerotinia Stem Rot of Canola – Publication Available

Sclerotinia Risk Map For Canola

More Potato Late Blight Hot Lines

Plant Diagnostic Lab Report

square.jpg (1058 bytes) Soils

Soybean Chlorosis

Sugarbeet Crop Update

square.jpg (1058 bytes) Weeds

Limits on Late Wild Oat Herbicide Application in Wheat

Crop-Prod And Other Miracle Additives

Effect of Sunlight And Temperature on Herbicide Activity

Labels Limit Spraying For Post Applications in Corn

square.jpg (1058 bytes) Horticulture

Wood Mulching Is Good Most of The Time

Things to Look Out For This Summer With Woody Plants

Trees - Apple Scab

square.jpg (1058 bytes) Around the State

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