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square.jpg (1058 bytes) Introduction

Field Day - Oakes Irrigation Research Site

square.jpg (1058 bytes) Entomology

Crisis Exemption Issued for Warrior to Control Grasshoppers in Flax

EPA Decision on Pesticide Sales to Have Little Effect on ND. Producers

Red Seed Weevil Update

Corn Borer Update

Flea Beetles Feeding in Canola

square.jpg (1058 bytes) Plant Science

Plant Late, Expect Corn to Modify Growth Rate

Global Positioning Is Pushing Perceived Peripheries

square.jpg (1058 bytes) Plant Pathology

Canola Disease Survey Begins

Aster Yellows in Canola

Rhizomania on Sugarbeet

Wheat and Barley Fungicide Trials, 1999

Plant Diagnostic Lab Report

square.jpg (1058 bytes) Soils

Early Soil Sampling Guidelines

New Circular Announcement

square.jpg (1058 bytes) Weeds

Notes and Abstracts from the 1999 Leafy Spurge Symposium

Plateau for Leafy Spurge Control

Integration of the Flea Beetle, Aphthona Nigriscutis Foudras, and Herbicides for
Control of Leafy Spurge, Euphorbia Esula L

Aphthona Flea Beetle Establishment Determined by Soil Composition and Root Growth Pattern

Seedbank Study of a Leafy Spurge Infestation

Effects of Prescribed Burning and Herbicide Treatments on Leafy Spurge (Euphorbia Esula)

Site Characteristics of Established Flea Beetle Colonies in Western North Dakota

Now Is the Time for Good Farmers to Finalize Weed Mapping

square.jpg (1058 bytes) Horticulture

Woolly Elm Aphids on Juneberry Roots

Horticultural Things to Be on the Lookout for During August

square.jpg (1058 bytes) Around the State

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