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ISSUE 9  July 2, 1998



    A comment has been made regarding our spray coverage research project. Some people are relating better coverage to better control. This should not be done. We hope that better coverage will give better control but we won’t know this without additional study. We hope we can determine this after infection occurs.

    Also, preliminary information is showing better coverage when spraying is done when plants have "dew" on them. We think this may be acting as spray water but needs more study to be sure. This applies only to fungicide application and should not be applied to herbicide application.

    The new publication, Application of Fungicide for Suppression of Fusarium Head Blight or Scab (AE-1148), by Vern Hoffman, Marcia McMullen, Terry Gregoire and Jochum Wiersma, is available on the NDSU web sight. The publication reviews information on equipment recommendations, fungicides, and timing of applications to manage this serious problem. The web address is:


Vern Hofman
Ag & Biosystems Eng

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