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ISSUE 14  August 6, 1998


North-Central ND

    Crop conditions for dry beans, sunflowers, corn, and soybeans have improved this week with general rains across the north central region. Small grains that are in the filling stages also benefited from the rain.

    Harvest of rye and barley is well under way. Rye yields have been average. Barley yields so far are in the average range, almost all the yield reports have been with Robust. Yields are averaging 45 to 60 bushels/acre. Quality so far has been disappointing with test weights of 42 to 45 lbs. per bushel and plumps around 40 to 60 %. About 25% of the area canola crop has been swathed, no yield reports as of yet.

    Spring wheat that was planted in April, primarily in the Washburn area, have had above normal yields, with reports of 35 to 50 bushel being reported. Reports of field pea yields from the Crosby/Parshall area have been excellent with 35 to 50 + bushels per acre being reported.

Kent McKay
Area Extension Agronomist



   Seed weevils (mainly red) are becoming more abundant in sunflower fields. Scout fields as soon as yellow ray petals begin to appear. Economic thresholds for oilseed sunflower is about 6-7 weevils per head and only 1 weevil per head for confectionery sunflower. Spray timing is critical to prevent adults from laying eggs on the developing seeds. It is recommended to spray when 30% of the flowers are shedding pollen or three out of ten plants showing yellow ray petals and a row of disc flowers. Only a few fields of confectionery sunflowers have been reported above threshold.

Janet J. Knodel
Area Extension Specialist Crop Protection
North Central Research and Extension Center
Minot, ND


South-Central ND

    Rainfall received during July 29 to August 4 at south-central ND NDAWN stations ranged from 0.07 inches at Dazey to 2.14 inches at Streeter. Nearly five inches of rain was reported in Kidder County during this period. While soil moisture supplies are currently satisfactory in most of the region, areas of Wells, Eddy, and Foster counties continue to be dry.

    The majority of field pea and barley fields have been harvested. Harvest efforts currently are with wheat and canola. Some early-planted flax also has been harvested. Preliminary crop yield reports include highs of 80 bushel barley, 45 bushel HRS wheat, 45 bushel field pea, and 30 bushel flax. The area's wheat yield and quality appears quite improved compared to last year. Additional rainfall will be needed for most of the region's corn, beans, and sunflower.

    Dry bean and sunflower should be scouted for rust infections. Most sunflower are beginning to flowering so growers should be monitoring for insect pests of sunflower heads. Currently, sunflower seed weevil densities appear low. As small grain harvest continues, grasshoppers should be monitored in late-season crops.

Greg Endres.
Area Extension Specialist/Cropping Systems
Carrington Research and Extension Center
Carrington, ND

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