ND State Feedlot Database

North Dakota State Feedlot Database

Designed by: Unal KIZIL, PhD
North Dakota State University
Dickinson Research Extension Center
Dickinson, ND 58601 USA
E-mail Unal.Kizil@ndsu.edu

1- All feedlots
2-Large Dairy CAFO
3-Medium Dairy AFO
4-Small Dairy AFO
5-Large Beef CAFO
6-Medium Beef AFO
7-Small Beef AF0
8-Beef (All)
9-Dairy (All)
12-Operations that are within 1/4 miles of rivers/lakes
13-Operations that are within 2 miles of aquifers
14-Feedlots and Map Unit ID's
15-Feedlot runoff flowpath
16-Feedlot operations and rivers/lakes

This database doesn't designate any operation as AFO or CAFO. The attribute tables summarize the results of GIS operations. Therefore, this database CAN'T be used as an assesment tool. It has been intended to evaluate the GIS capabilities in waste management/water quality area.

Explanations of the attribute tables
NAME = county name
AREA = county surface area
NOOFFEEDLO = number of feedlots
TOTALAU = total animal units
AQUIFER = number of operations that are within 2 milesof aquifers
SLOPE = number of operations that do not meet slope criterion
ASPECT = number of operations that do not meet aspect criterion
NOOFOPERAT = number of operations
DAIRYS_AFO = number of small dairy AFOs
DAIRYM_AFO = number of medium dairy AFOs
DAIRYL_CAF = number of large dairy CAFOs
BEEFS_AFO = number of small beef AFOs
BEEFM_AFO = number of medium beef AFOs
BEEFL_CAFO = number of large beef CAFOs
HORSE = number of horse operations
BISON = number of bison operations
LIVESTOCKT = type of livestock operation
ANIMALNUMB = animal number
MAXANIMALN = maximum animal number
AVRANIMALW = average animal weight (kg)
COUNTY = name of the county
MU-ID = Map Unit ID
SOILTEXTUR = feedlot soil texture


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