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P. M. Carr, W. W. Poland, and L. J. Tisor. 2001. Nitrogen fertilizer does not enhance yield or quality of forage-pea in low-nitrogen environments. Proc., American Forage and Grasslands Council 10:399-404.

Some seedsmen claim that forage yield of pea can be enhanced by applications of nitrogen (N) fertilizer, even if seed is inoculated properly with N-fixing bacteria. A field study was conducted in southwestern North Dakota to determine if applications of N fertilizer enhance pea yield or quality in a low-N environment. Nitrogen was broadcasted at 20, 40, and 60 lb/ac as urea (46-0-0) and incorporated prior to sowing seed. The response of pea to the N fertilizer treatments was compared with pea which did not receive N fertilizer. Applications of N fertilizer failed to affect forage yield or quality. Results of this research indicate that applications of N fertilizer are not necessary for optimum yield and quality of forage produced by pea when seed is inoculated properly.