2006 Application Form


Time Line and References:


January 26, 2006

Application information distributed

References:       NCR SARE (

                        ATTRA (

                        KBS Land and Water Program, Cover Crop Program




March 10, 2006

Applications due to:      Brad Brummond, Extension Agent/Walsh County

                                    101 County Road 12B

                                    Park River ND 58270-4131

                                    Phone: (701) 284-6624



Electronic grant applications will be accepted, but must be followed with signed application in mail. If sending by email, use Youth SARE Application in the subject line.


It is requested that group/multiple applications be submitted by leader or advisor in one mailing.



March 24, 2006

Award Notification

Sustainable Agriculture Packets Distributed

Grant Money Sent to Sponsor and Student for Project



Sponsored by:

North Central Region Sustainable Agriculture and Education Program (NCR SARE)
















Youth Sustainable Agriculture Program

2006 Application Form


Purpose: The purpose of the program is to provide opportunities for youth in grades K-12 to participate in sustainable agriculture programs.


Support Level: Each project will be supported at $250. You are encouraged to include information about what more you could do and what it would cost if funds were available. After all applications are received and evaluated, worthy projects may be considered for additional funding if surplus funds are available.


Project Possibilities: Possible projects include production of sustainable plants or animals for market, sustainable farming and ranching systems, case studies of individuals or groups implementing sustainable agriculture practices, video or digital photo libraries of different farming or marketing practices.


Project Title: ___________________________________________________________


Student Name: __________________________________________________________


Mailing Address: ________________________________________________________


Telephone: _______________________       Email: _____________________________


Sponsor Name: (FFA, 4H Leader, Teacher, Parent) _____________________________


The following must be submitted with application:


-           Signed Letter of Parental Support


-           Short Overview of Project (This is a summary of the project and should be 200 words maximum in length.)


-           Areas to be addressed in overview should include the following:

  1. What problem in agriculture do you want to address?
  2. What interests you in sustainable agriculture?
  3. How would this project enhance your educational goals?
  4. How would you address this problem?
  5. What would you do to prepare the material for this project?
  6. How would you report the results to others?
  7. Are there similar projects that have been conducted in the sustainable agriculture area that you can obtain information from to help guide your project?


Review Process: Each project will be reviewed by a state committee. Projects will be ranked and selected by this committee for funding from a pool of $2000 to $4000 for the states of North and South Dakota. Projects chosen shall be completed within one year, at which time a brief final report shall be submitted. The final report will be reviewed and one project from each state will be chosen to compete in the region to determine a north central regional winner. This north central regional winner will then be eligible to receive a trip to present the report at a national meeting.


January 2006