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R. Harrold, D. Landblom, C. Poland, and K. Miller. Department of Animal and Range Sciences, Fargo, and Dickinson Research and Extension Center, North Dakota State University. 2000 Journal of Animal Science Vol. 78 (Suppl 1) Wheat Screenings, Field Peas, and Canola Seed as Replacements for Corn and Soybean Meal in Diets for Growing-Finishing Pigs.

Two expts. were conducted with G-F pigs to determine the effects of adding wheat screenings (WS) to mash-type diets based upon corn and SBOM (C-S) when the diets also contained field peas (FP) and canola seed (WCS). A pelleted C-S diet was used for reference in each of the three phases of the study. The control diets (0% WS) in each phase contained 20% FP and 7.5% WCS seed while diets containing WS contained 20% FP and 15% WCS. Inclusion levels of WS were 0%, 20%, 40%, or 60%. Diets were prepared at one site to contain equal levels of CP, LYS, MET+CYS, THR and TRP within each dietary phase. WS contained 47.49% green and yellow foxtail, 32.82%wheat, 8.72% straw and chaff, 7.84% wild oats, and 3.13% wild buckwheat seeds. Pigs at Site 1 were housed in a modified open front facility while pigs at Site 2 were in confinement. There were three replications of 7 pigs per pen at Site 1 and four replications of 8 pigs per pen at Site 2. ADG (g), ADFI (kg), and F:G values at Site 1 were: 931, 2.43, and 2.61; 905, 2.73, and 3.01; 864, 2.80, and 3.24; 836, 2.85, and 3.41; and 864, 3.15, and 3.64 for the C-S, 0% WS, 20% WS, 40% WS, and 60% WS diets, respectively. Performance values at Site 2 were: 900, 2.22, and 2.48; 850, 2.19, and 2.58; 836, 2.17, and 2.60; 855, 2.28, and 2.67; and 827, 2.35, and 2.84 for the C-S, 0% WS, 20% WS, 40% WS, and 60% WS diets, respectively. Substituting WS for C-S in diets containing 20% FP did not alter ADG (P>.05) but increased F:G (P<.001 at Site 1; P<.01 at Site 2). Most carcass measurements were not altered by WS. However, yield and loin depth were reduced by WS at Site 1 and Minolta color scores of L. dorsi were darker at Site 2. DE (kcal/kg dm) values obtained with six pigs at Site 2 were: Corn, 3.701; WS, 3.410; FP, 3.585; and WCS, 3.987.

Keywords: Growing-finishing swine, wheat screenings, field peas, canola seed


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