North Dakota State University
Fargo, North Dakota

P.M. Swantek, J. Wildung, R.C. Zimprich, and R.L. Harrold, North Dakota State University, Fargo. 1996 Journal of Animal Science Vol. 74 (Suppl 1) pp 62.  Effect of naked oats on growth performance and carcass characteristics in finishing pig diets.

(Avena nuda)  Objectives of this study were to determine the effect of naked oats (Avena nude, cv="Paul") on performance and carcass characteristics in pig diets.  Ninety-six pigs (64.3 + 3 kg) were allotted by weight, sex, and ancestry to one of three dietary treatments with four pens per treatment, and eight pigs per pen (4 barrows, 4 gilts).  Diets were formulated to contain .75% lysine and provide a minimum of 15% CP and 3300 kcal/kg ME.  The control diet was based on a corn-soybean meal mixture.  Naked oats replaced 0, 50, or 100% of the corn in treatment diets.  Diets were fed in meal form, and feed and water offered ad libitum.  Pigs and feeders were weighed weekly until each pen averaged 107 kg.   Average daily gain, feed intake, and feed efficiency were determined on a pen basis.  Two barrows and two gilts nearest the pen average (48 pigs total) were evaluated for hot and cold carcass weights, carcass length, loin eye area, backfat, and percent muscling.  Pigs consumed 2883, 2820, 2697 g/d, and gained 878, 914, 892 g/d for 0, 50, 100% naked oat diets, respectively.  No differences were detected for daily feed intake or rate of gain (P>.01).  Feed efficiency increased linearly (P<.002) as the level of naked oats increased in diets, .305, .324, and .331, respectively.  Backfat thickness increased linearly (P<.01) as dietary level of naked oats increased.   Last lumbar backfat and 10th rib backfat thickness were 26.7, 28.22, 31.5, and 23.6, 28.7, 29.2 mm, respectively, for 0, 50, and 100% naked oat diets.  Pigs fed the naked oat diets had less (P<.01) loin eye area (33.7 versus 37.1 cm2) than pigs fed the corn based diet.  Percent muscling decreased (P<.01) from 50.5% for pigs fed the control diet to 47.1% for the pigs fed naked oats.  Naked oats may be substituted for both corn and soybean without affecting growth performance, but may increase backfat thickness and decrease percent muscling.

Keywords: Swine, Naked oats, Avena nuda


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