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D.G. Landblom* and W.W. Poland. North Dakota State University, Dickinson Research Extension Center, Dickinson, ND.  1999 Journal of Animal Science Vol.77 (suppl 1) pp 40. Supplementing grain energy sources with field peas and full-fat canola seed in swine growing-finishing diets.

Two growing-finishing trials were conducted with PIC C-22 x 326 pigs to evaluate growth performance and carcass characteristics when varying grain energy bases were supplemented with field peas (P. sativum ‘Profi’) and canola seed (B. napus) as protein sources. In Exp.1, pigs (n = 75) initially weighting 29 kg were assigned to corn (Z. mays, indentatum), barley (H. vulgare), naked oat (A. sativa ‘Paul’), barley-corn, and barley-naked oat diets supplemented with field peas. Compared to the other test grains, barley/pea fed pigs grew faster (P<.05), required less days on feed (P<.05), and were more efficient (P<.01). When corn and naked oats were compared to barley/naked oats or barley/corn no growth or efficiency differences were noted. Carcass HWT, %YLD, FD, and LD did not differ. Pigs fed barley/naked oats or barley/corn had higher percent lean values (P<.02). In Exp. 2, pigs (n = 84) initially weighing 25.5 kg were fed either corn, barley, or naked oat diets fortified with field peas and either 0 or 10% canola seed. Compared to barley, feeding either corn or naked oats was associated with faster growth (P<.05), and reduced feed consumption (P<.01). Compared to corn or barley, pigs fed naked oats had lower ADFI (P<.05) and markedly greater G:F (P<.001). Loin depth was greater (P<.10) for pigs fed a corn/pea diet. Carcass yield and percent lean values were similar among the three test grains, but fat depth was greater (P<.05) for pigs fed naked oats. Barley/pea and corn/pea diets were associated with higher (P<.10) fat free lean index values. Adding 10% canola seed, as a methionine source, resulted in nearly equal growth performance and carcass characteristics. Including canola seed reduced fat depth (P<.05) and increased fat-free lean index (P<.05). Grain bases fortified with field peas adequately supply protein and energy for the growing-finishing pig, and canola seed may enhance carcass quality.

Keywords: Pigs, Field-peas, Canola Seed, Growing-Finishing


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