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Poland, W.W., D.G. Landblom L.J. Tisor.  North Dakota State University Dickinson Research Extension Center, Dickinson, ND.  1997 Journal of Animal Science Vol. 75 (Suppl. 1), pp 100.  Feeding potential of alternative feed grains in growing calf diets.

An experiment was designed to evaluate the efficacy of using field pea (Pisum sativum L. var. Trapper) and hulless oat (Avena sativa L. var. Paul) as substitutes for all or a portion of the grain and protein supplement in backgrounding calf diets.  Crossbred heifer calves (n = 72, BW = 314.1 + 12.7 kg) were blocked by weight (n = 3) and randomly allotted within block into 12 pens.  Pens within weight block were then assigned one of four dietary treatments.  Diets were formulated to be isonitrogenous (11.5% cp) and to meet or exceed the nutritional requirements of a medium frame heifer calf gaining 1.04 kg BWd-1.  Treatments included a barley/SBOM control (CONT) diet, two diets where a portion of the concentrate in CONT was replaced by either field pea (FPEA) or hulless oat (NOAT) and one diet where field pea and hulless oat were combined as a replacement (COMB).  Calves were fed test diets (40% corn silage, 25% oat hay and 33% concentrate on a DM basis) for 63 d. ADG (P=.36) was not affected by dietary treatment.  Pens of calves consuming CONT (11.4 kg) had higher daily DMI (P<.01) than either FPEA (10.2) or NOAT (9.6), while DMI of COMB (10.3) was intermediate.  Numerically, feed efficiency (FE, gain/feed; P=.17) was improved by COMB (16.5% improvement over CONT), while FPEA (11.1%) and NOAT (14.3%) were intermediate.  These data lend support to the concept that field pea and hulless oat are suitable substitutes for barley and SBOM when replacement is on an equivalent protein basis in growing calf diets.  Furthermore, the improved FE associated with the consumption of diets containing field pea or hulless oat suggest that NE concentrations for these feed grains exceed those of barley when used in similar type diets.

Keywords:  backgrounding, field pea, hulless oat


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