2007 Annual Report

Waste Management Section

Dickinson Research Extension Center
1041 State Avenue
Dickinson, ND 58601

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PROJECT NAME: Livestock Waste Education, Information and Assistance Program

PRINCIPLE INVESTIGATORS: Teresa Dvorak, Livestock Nutrient Management Specialist, DREC; Ron Wiederholt, Nutrient Management Specialist, CREC

REPORTING PERIOD: Annual report - October 1, 2005 to September 1, 2006

PROJECT PERIOD: March 1997 through November 15, 2009


The following tasks were set for the NDSU Livestock Nutrient Management Specialist positions. The tasks were set forth in an EPA 319 grant awarded to NDSU. Under each task is a brief description of the action taken to fulfill the task this year.

Task 1 Develop and assemble educational programs that focus on the location, design, and management of livestock facilities, focusing on waste management to prevent impacts on water quality.

Task 2 Hold meetings, workshops, and tours to educate producers and those who advise and work with producers about livestock waste management to prevent impacts on water quality. Use mass media and newsletters to inform producers and the public about efforts to reduce impacts on water quality.

i. Composting Mortalities and Butcher Waste, Minot

ii. AFO Rules for Zoning Officials, Devils Lake

iii. AFO Rules and Their Impact on Livestock Feeding, Carrington

iv. Livestock Feeding Operations in ND, Bismarck

v. AFO Rules for Cow/Calf Producers, Mohall, Regent, Taylor

vi. AFO Rules for Feedlot Producers, Carrington

vii. New Technology for Manure Application, Carrington

viii. Manure Handling Systems & Composting; Devils Lake , Valley City , Dickinson , and Minot

ix. Nutrient Management; Fargo

x. Containment versus Water Spreading Systems; Dickinson

xi. Nutrient Management and Livestock Biosecurity, Bismarck

xii. Composting of Livestock Manure, Carrington

Task 3 Develop and deliver educational materials and programs that focus on the utilization of livestock waste nutrients for crop production.

i. Manure Utilization Field Day, Lisbon

ii. SBARE meeting, Carrington

iii. Wells County Ag Expo, Fessenden

iv. Mercer County Livestock Day, Beulah

v. CGREC Winter Showcase, Streeter

vi. CREC Feedlot School, Carrington

vii. Soil and Fertility Update Meeting, Fargo

viii. Manitoba-Dakota Zero Tillers Conference, Bismarck

ix. Northern Plains Sustainable Ag Conference, Fargo

x. Hettinger County Crop Improvement Meeting, Regent

xi. Taylor Farmers Institute, Taylor

xii. Mandan ARS Research Update Conference, Mandan

xiii. Sheridan County Spring Forum, McClusky

xiv. Manure Utilization in No-till; New Salem (Morton Co.)

xv. Manure Utilization in Cropping Systems, Devils Lake, Valley City, Dickinson, Minot

xvi. Manure Use in No-Till, Carson, Steele

xvii. Manure Utilization in Cropping Systems Poster Presentation, Cincinnati, OH

xviii. Composting Manure Field Day, Wells County

Task 4 Provide technical and education support for 319 funded projects that have livestock waste management components.

Task 5 Provide one-on-one consultations to producers to evaluate specific options available to the individual for waste storage, handling, and utilization.


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