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2006 SARE Activities in the Dakotas 

Frank J. Kutka, Dakotas SARE State Coordinator

In 2006 the SARE program in the Dakotas kicked into high gear with full funding and wider activities by the State Coordinator in both states. What follows is a listing of Mini-Grant projects, Travel Scholarships, and workshops given by the State Coordinator to carry out the mission of the SARE Professional Development Program in North and South Dakota, as well as a list of SARE Youth Grants that were underway in 2006. These are in addition to grants awarded by the North Central Region SARE Program for Research and Education, Professional Development, Farmer Rancher Grant projects and Graduate Student Grant projects.

A. Mini-Grant Projects

1. Exploring Mother Corn

Project Leader: Sue Isbell, NDSU Sioux County Extension

Primary Audience : Six Extension and Tribal College educators.

Secondary Audience : Community Members.

Date: 20 August 2006

Activity : A workshop on the spiritual importance of corn among some Native Nations was given by Carl Barnes of CORNS, Inc. This was followed by a brief description of Sustainable Agriculture and the SARE program by the State Coordinator.

Outcome : Educators at Standing Rock and some community members learned some of the history and significance of corn among some Native cultures, and how traditional agriculture might help build a sustainable form of agriculture.

2. Cattle Handling Seminar

Project Leader: Pat Downs, ND Association of Rural Electric Cooperatives

Primary Audience : Fifteen Extension and NGO educators.

Secondary Audience : Farm producers and Agri-businesses.

Date: 20 September 2006

Activity : One day workshop and demonstration of low-stress cattle handling techniques by Tom Noffsinger at the ARS Great Plains Laboratory in Mandan, ND.

Outcome : Educators were made more aware of how to handle livestock so as to reduce stress and the improvements in animal health, reduced cattle handler stress, and increased profits that can result.

3. Trade-off Analysis Seminar

Project Leader: Timothy Faller, NDSU

Primary Audience : Eighteen Extension and ARS educators/administrators.

Secondary Audience : n/a

Date: 1 November 2006

Activity : Program on tradeoff analysis was presented by a speaker from Montana State University at the ARS Great Plains Laboratory in Mandan, ND.

Outcome : Educators and administrators were made aware of the importance of considering the tradeoffs that come when shifting from one agricultural objective/technology to another.

B. Travel Scholarships

15-17 August, National SARE Conference in Oconomowoc, Wisconsin: 1 SDSU Educator, 3 NDSU Educators, 4 NGO Educators and 1 ND Dept of Ag Educator attended.

23 August, IFOAM Conference on Organic Livestock in Minneapolis, Minnesota: 1 NGO Educator attended.

13-14 October, Oklahoma Meat Goat Conference in Ada, Oklahoma: 2 SDSU Educators attended.

8-9 November, Integrated Programs Grantsmanship Workshop in Kansas City, Missouri: 2 SDSU Educators attended.


C. Other Workshops and Activities

Introduction to the Dakotas SARE Program Presentations given to the Northern Plains Sustainable Agriculture Society Winter Conference in Fargo, to the Immigrant Development Center in Fargo, to the Manitoba-North Dakota Zero Tillage Farmers Association in Minot and to the North Dakota Vocational Agriculture Educators Conference in Bismarck.

Distribution of SARE Materials Bulletins from the Sustainable Agriculture Network were distributed at the NPSAS Winter Conference, the NDSU Extension Spring Conference, the SDSU Extension Fall Conference, the SDSU Cottonwood Research Station Fall Field Day, the North Dakota Vocational Agriculture Educators Conference, the Oglala Lakota College Fall Farm Day, and to Jim Garrett of Cankdeska Cikana Community College, to Leslie Henry of Oglala Lakota College, to Ron Klein of Fort Berthold Community College and to Michelle Short-Azure of Turtle Mountain Community College.

Introduction to Farmer Rancher Grants Presentations about these grants were given to gatherings of educators, farmers and ranchers at the SDSU Cottonwood Research Center and at the Oglala Lakota College center in Oglala. Information about these grants was also printed in the Northern Plains Sustainable Agriculture Society newsletter and in regional papers via news releases through NDSU and SDSU. The State Coordinator also met with proposal writers via email, the phone and in person to help explain the process and provide editorial comments on the proposals.

Introduction to Sustainable Agriculture and SARE Graduate Student Grants Seminar given to graduate students in the NDSU Plant Sciences Department.

Support to the SARE National Conference Foods and wines from the Dakotas were gathered for an all Dakotas table at the SARE National Conference in Oconomoc, Wisconsin.


D. SARE Youth Grants for 2006

Awareness of Native Plants Anna Ramsey, Park River, ND

Rich Raspberries Kyla Krahn, Langdon, ND

Not Kidding Meat Goat Project Neil Podoll, Fullerton, ND

Marketing 101: Making the Sale Erin Podoll, Fullerton, ND

Beekeeping: Honeybees Kevin Collins, Chamberlain, SD

Pasture Grazing Rotation Ryan Hauck, Avon, SD

Weed Resistance in Popcorn Vladimir Kutka, Dickinson, ND


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