2007 Annual Report

Horticulture Section

Dickinson Research Extension Center
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2006 NC-7 Regional Plant Trials

North Central Regional Plant Introduction Station
Ames, Iowa
Progress Report – Jerry C. Larson and Tim Winch

The NC-7 Ornamental Woody Plant Trials were reestablished in the spring of 2006 at the Dickinson Research Extension Center . This project was established in 1954 to evaluate new and different trees and shrubs. Plants that have been collected from all over the world for further evaluation. More than 30 sites are now involved in conducting long-term evaluations (10 years) on the potential of plant adaptation and other growth characteristics suited for the North Central Region.

At the DREC location, plant hardiness under Southwest, North Dakota climatic conditions are the priority. Trees and shrubs at this site were planted and evaluated in a field study environment. Shrubs were planted at 6' spacing and trees were 12' apart within the row and 20' between rows. Plants were watered after planting and on a limited basis as needed. Wood chip mulch was applied at the base of the trees and shrubs at a 3-4” depth. This was applied after planting May 10, 2006


  1. EVALUATION ON 6-11-06
  2. EVALUATION ON 10-2-06

•  Aronia Melanocarpa ‘Iroquois Beauty' Ames 27371

  1. Plant material was in good condition bloomed shortly after planting; plants look good, 100% survival.
  2. Red leaves, one plant-lodged branches, some leaf drop. 100% alive, average size-13” x 15”.

•  Cephalanthus occidentalis, Buttonbush

  1. Plant material received in good condition, 100% survival.
  2. No leaves on one plant, tip dieback, dried leaves, showing stress. 100% alive, average size – 14'X 11”

•  Hydrangea arborescens, Ames 27652

  1. One plant very small, deep veined and light green leaves,100% survival
  2. Scorched leaves, some tip dieback, stunted, dried flowers still present, 100% alive average size- 14”x12”

•  Forestieria necomexicana, New Mexico Privet

  1. Looks good, lower branches- horizontal, yellow/green leaves 100% survival.
  2. Upright growth, looks healthy, 100% alive average size 24”x 16”

•  Salix pentandra ‘ Silver Lake ' Ames 27971

  1. Plant material in good condition, attractive leaf, 100% survival
  2. Shiny green leaves, very healthy, looks good 100% alive average size- 33”x40”

•  Carpinus Caroliniana ‘J.N. Select' Americana Hornbeam, Ames 27063

  1. Good leaf development, some leaves have a bronze/green color, looks good, 100% survival.
  2. Red/brown leaves, leaf scorch and drop, brown branches, all trees showing stress, 100% alive average size – 26” x 21”

•  Ulmus thomasii. Rock Elm- Ames 27341

  1. Small plants, yellow leaves, one tree showing stress, 100% survival
  2. Leaf scorch, dried leaves with green leaves, all trees showing severe stress 100% alive average size – 14”x 8”

•  Quercus Macrocarpa, ‘Lippert' Bur Oak- Ames 26202

  1. Plants in good condition at planting, trees look good 100% survival
  2. Unique gray bark, green leaves, red leaf buds, all plants doing well, 100% alive average size – 30” x 20”

Trees and shrubs will be evaluated for winter survival in the spring of 2007. Additional evaluations will be conducted on surviving plants.


  1. Alnus maritime ‘September Sun' Alder- Ames 27961
  2. Cercis Canadensis Eastern Redbud - Ames 27321
  3. Cercis Canadensis Eastern Redbud - Ames 27322
  4. Physocarpus opulifolius ‘NCRPIS Compact Selection' Ninebark - Ames 27797
  5. Ptelea trifoliate Hoptree - Ames 27328


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