2005 Annual Report

Station Stats

Dickinson Research Extension Center
1089 State Avenue
Dickinson, ND 58601

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Technology at DREC
Michael R. Riesinger

Dickinson Research Extension Center advancements in technology include a new PBX phone system with VOIP and expansion capabilities included. This along with our wireless communication is state of the art technology that will permit the DREC to lead in this direction to better facilitate our research and communication efforts. The wireless is a “work in progress” as we are dealing with many areas that are actually in developmental stages and we are putting these stages into actual real life application. Radio Frequency Identification has evolved through much of the DREC efforts and old and new protocols are being developed in relation to this industry. The DREC is recognized as a leader in RFEID and will provide direction for this technology in the future.

DREC Equine Program
Michael R. Riesinger

The equine program continues to grow at the DREC with continuous interest in collaboration with outside universities. Our vet intern program supports our efforts in equine research as plans to develop vet intern/extern rotations are in preliminary stages. The DREC has created this program in cooperation with the University of Minnesota, Kansas State University and Iowa State University . The DREC is developing equine projects that include reproduction, genetics, West Nile, and nucleotides. The DREC is working to develop a relationship with a major animal health pharmaceutical company to work on vaccine research. Future direction will include possible USDA/FDA approval along with research in equine identification. The DREC will move forward to develop a public image in equine management and research on local, state and national levels.

Calf AID
Michael R. Riesinger

Calf AID has developed into a program that is of interest to the entire beef industry. The direction that the DREC has taken allows for verification of process, premise and age. This procedure is in the process of obtaining USDA approval which will be very positive in nature. The coordination of electronic identification, data management, and trace back is generating tremendous interest to the industry. Technology is generating additional credibility to the Calf AID program and the DREC will continue to provide direction in this field. The DREC is leading the industry in efforts relating to cattle movement and trace back. Our efforts are a “work in progress “ and Calf AID will continue to produce actual results backed by data that is verified to be correct and true.


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