2005 Annual Report

Beef Section

Dickinson Research Extension Center
1089 State Avenue
Dickinson, ND 58601

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PROJECT NAME: Livestock Waste Education, Information, and Assistance Program

PRINCIPAL INVESTIGATOR: M. Bridget Johnson, Livestock Waste Management Specialist

REPORTING PERIOD: Semiannual report November 1, 2004 to April 1, 2005

PROJECT PERIOD: July 2002 through December 2006



Task 1: Develop and assemble educational materials that focus on location, design, and management of livestock facilities, focusing on waste management to prevent impacts on water quality.

Over the last several months four publications have been developed, two of which are currently available from the NDSU Extension Service distribution center and website. The first publication is the Assessment Tool for New and Existing Animal Feeding Operations (NM-1284). This publication will be used by all 319 project coordinators to make environmental assessments of animal feeding operations. A numerical value will be assigned to the operation and coordinators will be able to use this value in ranking or prioritizing operations based on an environmental assessment. The publication applies to small and medium animal feeding operations that are either housed facilities or open lot operations. The second publication is Unintended Impacts of Fertilizer and Manure Mismanagement on Natural Resources (NM-1281). This publication highlights the impacts mismanagement has on water quality, human health, aquatic health and odor and gas emissions. The last two publications are still going through review. The first, Producer's Guide to Livestock Waste Systems, is a general guide designed to familiarize producers with the process of completing a livestock waste containment system. This publication is expected to be completed and available by May1, 2005. The second, Manure Utilization in No-till Cropping Systems, is a guide to proper management of livestock waste for no-till crop producers. This publication is expected to be completed and available by June 1, 2005.

Task 2: Hold meetings, workshops, and tours to educate producers and those who advise and work with producers about livestock waste management to prevent impacts on water quality. Use mass media and newsletters to inform producers and the public about efforts to reduce impacts on water quality.

Task 3: Develop and deliver educational materials and programs that focus on utilization of livestock waste nutrients for crop production.

Task 4: Provide technical and education support for 319 funded projects that have livestock waste components.

Task 5: Provide individual consultations with livestock producers.

In the past six months, contacts and site visits have been made with eighteen livestock producers. Visits include completing the Assessment Tool for New and Existing Animal Feeding Operations, consultation on management practices, containment systems and non point source regulations. Of the eighteen, four have completed designs for livestock containment systems, two are awaiting revision to their designs, two are seeking consultation from the ND Department of Health for No Potential to Pollute designation, and ten are awaiting surveys. In addition, extensive work has been done with NRCS on the development of a containment and monitoring system for the Dickinson Research Extension Center Ranch.

ANTICIPATED ACTIVITIES: April 1, 2005 through October 1, 2005

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