2001 Star Performers
Star performers received *, ** or *** during both evaluation times as seen on the 'Height and Spread Measurements Table' on pages 10-20.
Fargo Dickinson Williston
Antirrhinum 'Purple Ribbon' Petunia(grandiflora) cvs: Begonia cultivars: Begonia cultivars: Phlox '21st Century Patriot Mix'
Asarina 'Joan Lorraine'     'Double Cascade Orchid Mix'           'Lotto White'      'Ambassador Pink' Viola  'Ultimo Morpho'
Begonia cultivars:     'White Storm'           'Olympia Sprint Red'      'Olympia Sprint Red'  
     'All Round Mix' Petunia(hedgiflora) cvs:           'Olympia Sprint White'      'Olympia Sprint Rose'  
     'Lotto White'     'Tidal Wave Cherry'           'Party Red-Bronze Leaf'      'Olympia Sprint White'  
     'Party Red-Bronze Leaf'     'Tidal Wave Hot Pink'           'Super Olympia Red'      'Super Olympia Pink'  
     'Super Olympia Pink'     'Tidal Wave Silver'           'Super Olympia Rose'      'Super Olympia Red'  
     'Super Olympia Red' Petunia(milliflora) cvs:           'Vodka'      'Super Olympia Rose'  
     'Super Olympia White'     'Fantasy Pink Morn'        Pelargonium cultivars:      'Super Olympia White'  
     'Vodka' Petunia(multiflora) cvs:          'Happy Violet'      'Vodka'  
Capsicum  'Chilly Chili'     'PrimeTime Lavender'          'Salmon Compact Cascade' Impatiens (New Guinea) cvs:  
Celosia 'Prestige Scarlet'     'PrimeTime Light Blue'        Petunia(hedgiflora) cvs:      'Harmony White'  
Celosia 'Purple Flamingo'     'PrimeTime Rose'          'Tidal Wave Cherry'      'Supersonic Pastel Pink'  
Chrysanthemum 'Gold Sticks' Petunia(prostrate) cvs:        Petunia(prostrate) cvs: Impatiens wallerana cultivars:
Cuphea 'Firefly'     'Purple Wave'          'Lavender Wave'     'Fanciful Red'  
Dianthus 'Diamond Blush Pink' Phaseolus 'Scarlet Emperor'          'Lime Surfinia'     'Fanciful Salmon'  
Dianthus 'First Love' Stipa 'Angel Hair'          'Misty Lilac Wave'     'Stardust Rose Improved'  
Dianthus 'Melody Pink' Tagetes (African marigold) cvs:          'Purple Wave' Pelargonium cultivars:  
Gomphrena 'Mix'      'Antigua Gold'          'Rose Wave'      'Black Magic Rose'  
Ipomoea 'Citronella'      'Discovery Yellow'          'Trailing Purple'      'Bravo'  
Ipomoea (Firecracker Vine)      'Inca Orange'        Stipa  'Angel Hair' Petunia(floribunda) cvs:  
Ipomoea 'Cardinal Climber'      'Perfection Orange'          'Double Madness Pink'  
Lablab (Hyacinth Bean)      'Perfection Yellow'          'Double Madness Pink Satin'
Lobularia 'Snow Crystals' Tagetes(French marigold) cvs:          'Madness Magenta'  
Lobularia 'Snowcloth Improved'      'Bonanza Bolero'     Petunia(grandiflora) cvs:  
Melampodium 'Showstar'      'Bonanza Orange'         'Candypops Summertime'  
Nierembergia 'Purple Robe' Thunbergia (Black-eyed Susan Vine)         'Prism Sunshine'  
Pelargonium cultivars: Zinnia 'Crystal White'     Petunia(hedgiflora) cvs:  
     'Black Magic Rose' Zinnia 'Profusion Cherry'          'Tidal Wave Cherry'  
     'Diabolo 98' Zinnia 'Profusion Orange'          'Tidal Wave Hot Pink'  
     'Happy Violet'            'Tidal Wave Silver'  
     'Mexicana'       Petunia(prostrate) cvs:  
     'Salmon Compact Cascade'            'Misty Lilac Wave'  
     'Schoene Helena'            'Pink Wave'  
Pennisetum (Fountain Grass)            'Rose Wave'  
Petunia (floribunda) cvs:            'Trailing Purple'  
    'Double Madness Sheer Improved'