Top performers are those that received either *, **, or *** during either evaluation time as seen on the 'Height and Spread Measurements Table' on pages 10-20.
Fargo Dickinson Williston
July 18, 19 Aug. 30 - Sept. 11 July 11 August 25 July 12 August 24
Ageratum 'Blue Horizon' Abutilon cultivars: Begonia cultivars: Asarina  'Joan Lorraine' Begonia cultivars: Asarina 'Mystic Pink'
Amaranthus  'Aurora'      'Bella Apricot'      'Lotto White' Begonia cultivars:      'Ambassador Pink' Begonia cultivars:
Amaranthus 'Illumination'      'Bella Coral Deep'      'Olympia Sprint Red'      'Lotto White'      'Olympia Sprint Red'     'Ambassador Pink'
Ammi 'Green Mist'      'Bella Red'      'Olympia Sprint Rose'      'Olympia Sprint Red'      'Olympia Sprint Rose'     'Olympia Sprint Red'
Antirrhinum 'Purple Ribbon'      'Bella Salmon'      'Olympia Sprint White'      'Olympia Sprint White'      'Olympia Sprint White'     'Olympia Sprint Rose'
Arctotis venusta Agastache 'Heather Queen'      'Party Red-Bronze Leaf'      'Party Red-Bronze Leaf'      'Party Red-Bronze Leaf'     'Olympia Sprint White'
Asarina 'Joan Lorraine' Ageratum 'Blue Lagoon'      'Super Olympia Pink'      'Super Olympia Red'      'Super Olympia Pink'     'Super Olympia Pink'
Begonia cultivars: Ageratum 'Fields Blue'      'Super Olympia Red'      'Super Olympia Rose'      'Super Olympia Red'     'Super Olympia Red'
     'All Round Mix' Ageratum 'True Blue'      'Super Olympia Rose'      'Super Olympia White'      'Super Olympia Rose'     'Super Olympia Rose'
     'Lotto White' Antirrhinum 'Purple Ribbon'      'Vodka'      'Vodka'      'Super Olympia White'     'Super Olympia White'
     'Party Red-Bronze Leaf' Asarina  'Joan Lorraine' Briza maxima (Quaking Grass) Capsicum 'Chilly Chili'      'Vodka'     'Vodka'
     'Super Olympia Pink' Asarina 'Mystic Pink' Cosmos 'Cosmic Orange' Catharanthus(Vinca) cultivars: Gypsophila 'Gypsy' Calibrachoa 'Trailing Orchid Pink'
     'Super Olympia Red' Begonia cultivars Dianthus 'First Love'      'First Kiss Blush' Impatiens hawkerii cvs: Celosia 'Prestige Scarlet'
     'Super Olympia Rose'      'All Round Mix' Eustoma 'Forever  Blue'      'First Kiss Coral'      'Harmony Raspberry Cream' Dianthus 'Melody Pink'
     'Super Olympia White'      'Ambassador Mix' Gypsophila 'Garden Bride'     'First Kiss Polka Dot'      'Harmony White' Impatiens hawkerii cvs:
     'Vodka'      'Ambassador Pink' Impatiens hawkerii cvs:     'First Kiss Ruby'      'Sonic Fuchsia'     'Harmony White'
Capsicum  'Chilly Chili'      'Inferno Mix'     'Harmony Raspberry Cream'     'Merlot Mix'      'Sonic Light Pink'     'Sonic Red'
Celosia 'Prestige Scarlet'      'Lotto Scarlet'     'Sonic Peach'     'Prestige Scarlet'      'Sonic Peach'     'Supersonic Lavender'
Celosia 'Purple Flamingo'      'Lotto White' Impatiens wallerana cvs: Dianthus 'Melody Pink'      'Sonic Scarlet Blush'     'Supersonic Pastel Pink'
Cerinthe 'Kiwi Blue'      'Olympia Sprint Red'     'Fanciful Orchid Rose' Impatiens cultivars:      'Sonic Sweet Cherry' Impatiens wallerana cvs:
Chrysanthemum 'Gold Sticks'      'Olympia Sprint Rose'     'Super Elfin Blue Pearl'     'Carnival Metallic Deep Salmon'      'Supersonic Pastel Pink'     'Carnival Deep Pink'
Cuphea 'Firefly'      'Olympia Sprint White' Pelargonium cultivars:     'Carnival Metallic Lilac' Impatiens wallerana cultivars:     'Carnival Deep Rose'
Dianthus 'Diamond Blush Pink'      'Party Red-Bronze Leaf'     'Black Magic Rose'     'Carnival Orange'     'Fanciful Orchid Rose'     'Carnival Metallic Deep Salmon'
Dianthus 'First Love'      'Partyfun'     'Brasil 99'     'Carnival Salmon'     'Fanciful Red'     'Carnival Orange'
Dianthus 'Melody Pink'      'Senator Mix'     'Happy Violet' Ipomoea 'Citronella'     'Fanciful Salmon'     'Carnival Salmon'
Eustoma 'Echo Mix'      'Senator Red'     'Lambada' Ipomoea (Firecracker Vine)     'Stardust Rose Improved'     'Fanciful Coral'
Eustoma 'Echo Pink'      'Senator White'     'Salmon Compact Cascade' Pelargonium cultivars: Pelargonium cultivars:     'Fanciful Red'
Eustoma 'Echo Pink Picotee'      'Super Olympia Pink' Petunia(hedgiflora) cvs:     'Appleblossom'      'Black Magic Rose'     'Fanciful Salmon'
Gazania  'Kiss Mix'      'Super Olympia Red'     'Tidal Wave Cherry'     'Black Magic Rose'      'Bravo'     'Stardust Rose Improved'
Gazania 'Talent Orange'      'Super Olympia White' Petunia(prostrate) cvs:     'Bravo'      'Happy Orange'     'Super Elfin Blue Pearl' 
Gazania 'Talent White'      'Victory Bronze Leaf Mix'     'Lavender Wave'     'Charleston 2000'      'Salmon Compact Cascade' Osteospermum 'Passion Mix'
Gomphrena 'Mix'      'Victory Green Leaf Mix'     'Lime Surfinia'     'Charmant'      'White Glitter' Pelargonium cultivars:
Gypsophila 'Garden Bride'      'Vodka'     'Misty Lilac Wave'     'Happy Orange' Petunia(floribunda) cvs:     'Black Magic Rose'
Gypsophila 'Gypsy' Capsicum  'Chilly Chili'     'Purple Wave'     'Happy Violet'      'Double Madness Pink'     'Bravo'
Helianthus 'Sundown' Catharanthus(Vinca) cultivars:     'Rose Wave'     'Salmon Compact Cascade'      'Double Madness Pink Satin'     'Schoene Helena'
Helichrysum 'Bikini Mix'      'Cooler Red'     'Trailing Purple'     'Schoene Helena'      'Madness Magenta'     'Tango Neon Purple'
Ipomoea alba (Moon Vine)      'First Kiss Blush' Stipa  'Angel Hair'     'Tango Neon Purple' Petunia(grandiflora) cvs: Pennisetum (Fountain Grass)
Ipomoea 'Citronella'      'Jaio Scarlet Eye' Viola 'Ultimo Morpho'      'White Glitter'     'Candypops Summertime' Petunia(floribunda) cvs:
Ipomoea (Firecracker Vine)      'Merlot Mix' Zinnia 'Crystal White' Pennisetum (Fountain Grass)     'Prism Sunshine'     'Double Madness Pink'
Ipomoea 'Cardinal Climber' Catharanthus 'Pacifica Peach'   Pentas  'Butterfly Blush' Petunia(hedgiflora) cvs: Petunia 'Double Madness Pink Satin' 
Lablab (Hyacinth Bean) Celosia cultivars:   Petunia(floribunda) cvs:      'Tidal Wave Cherry'     'Double Madness Sheer Improved'
Lobularia 'Snow Crystals'     'Flamingo Feather'       'Double Madness Pink'       'Tidal Wave Hot Pink'     'Madness Magenta'
Lobularia 'Snowcloth Improved'     'New Look'       'Double Madness Pink Satin'      'Tidal Wave Silver' Petunia(grandiflora) cvs:
Melampodium 'Showstar'     'Pink Candle'       'Double Madness Sheer Improved' Petunia(prostrate) cvs:     'Candypops Summertime'
Nierembergia 'Purple Robe'     'Prestige Scarlet'       'Madness Magenta'      'Misty Lilac Wave'     'Prism Sunshine'
Pelargonium cultivars:     'Purple Flamingo'   Petunia(grandiflora) cvs:      'Pink Wave' Petunia(hedgiflora) cvs:
     'Black Magic Rose' Chrysanthemum 'Gold Sticks'       'Candypops Summertime'      'Rose Wave'     'Tidal Wave Cherry'
     'Brasil 99' Cladanthus  'Criss-Cross'       'Prism Sunshine'      'Trailing Purple'     'Tidal Wave Hot Pink' 
     'Bravo' Cleome 'Sparkler Blush'   Petunia(hedgiflora) cvs: Phlox '21st Century Patriot Mix'     'Tidal Wave Silver' 
     'Bright Cascade' Cuphea 'Allyson'       'Tidal Wave Cherry' Viola  'Ultimo Morpho' Petunia(prostrate) cvs:
     'Charleston 2000' Cuphea 'Firefly'       'Tidal Wave Hot Pink'       'Giant Purple Surfinia' 
     'Diabolo 98' Dahlia 'Garden Pride'       'Tidal Wave Silver'        'Lavender Wave'
     'Happy Violet' Dianthus 'Diamond Blush Pink'   Petunia(prostrate) cvs:       'Lime Surfinia'
     'Lambada' Dianthus 'First Love'       'Lavender Wave'       'Misty Lilac Wave'
     'Maverick Coral' Dianthus 'Melody Pink'       'Lime Surfinia'       'Pink Wave'
     'Maverick Pink' Diascia 'Pink Queen'       'Misty Lilac Wave'        'Pink Wave Exp. 99w5'
     'Maverick Star' Eustoma 'Forever  Blue'       'Pink Wave'        'Purple Wave'
     'Maverick Violet' Eustoma 'Heidi Hybrid'       'Pink Wave Exp. 99wp5'       'Rose Wave'
     'Mexicana' Gaillardia 'Red Plume'       'Purple Wave'        'Trailing Purple'
     'Orbit Mix' Gaillardia 'Yellow Sun'       'Rose Wave'       'Trailing Red'
     'Rocky Mountain Red' Gomphrena'Gnome'       'Trailing Purple'   Phlox 'Crystal Mix'
     'Salmon Compact Cascade' Gomphrena 'Mix'       'Trailing Red'   Phlox '21st Century Patriot Mix'
     'Schoene Helena' Gomphrena 'Strawberry Fields'   Phaseolus'Scarlet Emperor'   Rudbeckia 'Cherokee Sunset'
     'Tango Neon Purple' Hypoestes  'Confetti Mix'   Rudbeckia  'Cherokee Sunset'   Sanvitalia 'Aztec Gold'
Pennisetum (Fountain Grass) Impatiens wallerana cvs:   Stipa 'Angel Hair'   Tagetes(French marigold) cvs:
Petunia(floribunda) cvs:     'Carnival Metallic Deep Salmon'   Tagetes 'Bonanza Gold'       'Bonanza Bolero'
    'Double Madness Pink'     'Carnival Salmon'   Tithonia 'Fiesta del Sol'       'Bonanza Gold'
    'Double Madness Pink Satin'     'Dazzler Pink Improved'   Zinnia 'Profusion Cherry'       'Bonanza Orange' 
    'Double Madness Sheer Improved'     'Fanciful Coral'   Zinnia 'Profusion Orange'   Trachelium 'Devotion Blue'
Petunia(grandiflora) cvs:     'Fanciful Salmon'   Zinnia 'Profusion White'   Verbena 'Quartz Blue' 
    'Double Cascade Orchid Mix'     'Stardust Rose Improved'       Verbena 'Salmon Tapien'
    'Dreams Mix - Waterfall'     'Swirl Raspberry'       Viola 'Ultimo Morpho'
    'Dreams Mix - Wild Rose' Incarvillea 'Cheron'        
    'Ultra Limited Edition Mix' Ipomoea 'Citronella'        
    'White Storm' Ipomoea (Firecracker Vine)        
Petunia(hedgiflora) cvs: Ipomoea 'Cardinal Climber'        
    'Tidal Wave Cherry' Lablab  (Hyacinth Bean)        
    'Tidal Wave Hot Pink' Limonium 'Sunset'        
    'Tidal Wave Silver' Lobularia cultivars:        
Petunia(milliflora) cvs:     'Easter Basket Mix'        
   'Fantasy Pink Morn'     'Golf'        
Petunia(multiflora) cvs: Lobularia 'Pastel Carpet'        
    'PrimeTime Blue'     'Snow Crystals'        
    'PrimeTime Lavender'     'Snowcloth Improved'        
    'PrimeTime Light Blue' Melampodium 'Showstar'        
    'PrimeTime Pink' Monarda 'Lambada'        
    'PrimeTime Pink Morn' Nierembergia 'Purple Robe'        
    'PrimeTime Rose' Pelargonium cultivars:        
Petunia(prostrate) cvs:     'Black Magic Rose'        
    'Pink Wave'     'Diabolo 98'        
    'Purple Wave'     'Happy Violet'        
    'Trailing Purple'     'Maverick Light Salmon'        
Phaseolus 'Scarlet Emperor'     'Maverick White'        
Portulaca  'Margarita Rosita'     'Mexicana'        
Portulaca 'Sundial Peach'     'Salmon Compact Cascade'        
Rudbeckia 'Cherokee Sunset'     'Samba'        
Rudbeckia 'Sonora'     'Schoene Helena'        
Scabiosa  'QIS Scarlet'     'Tango'        
Scabiosa 'Sweet Scabious Mix' Pennisetum(Fountain Grass)        
Stipa  'Angel Hair' Pentas 'Butterfly Blush'        
Tagetes (African marigold) cvs: Pentas 'Butterfly Cherry Red'        
     'American Indian Yellow' Petunia(floribunda) cvs:        
     'Antigua Gold'    'Double Madness Sheer Improved'        
     'Antigua Orange' Petunia(grandiflora) cvs:        
     'Discovery Orange'     'Candypops Summertime'        
     'Discovery Yellow'     'Double Cascade Orchid Mix'        
     'Inca Gold'     'Lavender Storm'        
     'Inca Orange'     'White Storm'        
     'Inca II Yellow' Petunia(hedgiflora) cvs:        
     'Perfection Orange'     'Tidal Wave Cherry'        
     'Perfection Yellow'     'Tidal Wave Hot Pink'         
Tagetes(French marigold) cvs:     'Tidal Wave Silver'        
     'Aurora Mix' Petunia(milliflora) cvs:        
     'Bonanza Bolero'     'Fantasy Pink Morn'        
     'Bonanza Gold' Petunia(multiflora) cvs:        
     'Bonanza Orange'     'PrimeTime Fiesta Mix'        
Thunbergia(Black-eyed Susan Vine)     'PrimeTime Lavender'        
Thymophylla (Dahlberg Daisy)     'PrimeTime Light Blue'        
Tropaeolum 'Moonlight'     'PrimeTime Rose'        
Tropaeolum 'Whirlybird Mix'          
Verbena cultivars: Petunia(prostrate) cvs:        
    'Imagination'     'Giant Purple Surfinia'         
     'Novalis Deep Blue/White Eye'     'Lavender Wave'        
    'Quartz Red Eye'     'Misty Lilac Wave'        
    'Quartz Scarlet'     'Purple Wave'        
    'Quartz Waterfall Mix'     'Rambling Burgundy Chrome'        
    'Salmon Tapien'     'Rambling Shades O' Pink'        
    'White Temari' Phaseolus 'Scarlet Emperor'        
Xeranthemum (Immortelle) Salvia  'Cirrus'        
Zinnia cultivars: Salvia 'Snow Nymph'        
    'Crystal White' Stipa 'Angel Hair'        
    'Star Bright Mix' Tagetes(African marigold) cvs:        
    'Profusion Cherry'     'Antigua Gold'        
    'Profusion Orange'     'Discovery Yellow'        
      'Inca Orange'        
      'Perfection Orange'        
      'Perfection Yellow'        
  Tagetes(French marigold) cvs:        
      'Bonanza Bolero'        
      'Bonanza Mix'        
      'Bonanza Orange'        
      'Safari Yellow'        
  Tanacetum 'Silver Feather'        
  Thunbergia(Black-eyed Susan vine)        
  Zinnia cultivars:        
       'Benary's Giant Mix'        
       'Crystal White'        
       'Profusion Cherry'        
       'Profusion Orange'        
       'Profusion White'