2001 Annual Report

Agronomy Section

Dickinson Research Extension Center
1089 State Avenue
Dickinson, ND 58601

Nitrogen Fertilizer Does Not Enhance
Yield or Quality of Forage-Pea in Low-Nitrogen Environments

Patrick M. Carr, Woodrow W. Poland, and Lee J. Tisor
North Dakota State University
Dickinson Research Extension Center
Dickinson, ND


Some seedsmen claim that forage yield of inoculated pea (Pisum sativum L. subsp. sativum) can be enhanced in low-nitrogen (N) soils by applications of N-fertilizer. A 3-yr study was conducted at Dickinson, to determine if applications of N-fertilizer enhanced pea yield or quality in soils containing < 30 lb nitrate-N/acre at planting. Nitrogen was broadcasted as urea (46-0-0) at 3 rates in plots prior to sowing the variety 'Arvika'. Check plots (0 N) were included. Peas were inoculated with Rhizobium leguminosarum prior to sowing. Yield along with concentrations of crude protein, acid- and neutral-detergent fiber were determined. Applications of N-fertilizer failed to affect forage yield or quality. Results of this research indicate that applications of N-fertilizer are not necessary for optimum yield and quality of forage produced by pea when seed is inoculated with R. leguminosarum.

A complete paper describing the study will be published in the 2001 Proceedings of the annual meeting of the American Forage and Grasslands Council.

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