Asclepias curassavica-Bloodflower, Butterfly Flower. As with many other cultivars in Fargo this year, this didn't do as well this year as in the past. Both cultivars recovered nicely from the heavy rains in June, though, and received high marks by the end of August. In Dickinson, 'Red Butterfly' did well.



July 25 August 30 July 12 August 26 Comments
Hgt. Spr. Hgt. Spr. Hgt. Spr. Hgt. Spr.
Red Butterfly-Pk 12-15" 6-10" 15-24" 15-20" 12-15" 6-10" 18-20" 10-12" Fargo - Orange bracts-golden centers; Slowed by June rains but looked really nice by August

Dickinson - Did alright all season
Silky Gold-Pk 15 8-10 24 18 -- -- -- -- F - Golden flowers; More uniform than 'Red Butterfly'

D - Not tested