Mirabilis jalapa-Four O'clock. These get their name from the fact that the flowers typically open up late afternoon. The plants in Dickinson did much better than the ones in Fargo-by August they were twice the size of the ones in Fargo and had much better bloom. It will be interesting to see if they perform the same way next year.

Fargo Dickinson
July 24 September 1 July 12 August 26 Comments
Hgt. Spr. Hgt. Spr. Hgt. Spr. Hgt. Spr.
Broken Colors Mix-Pk 10-12" 4-6" 15-18" 12-15" 10" 12" 30-36" 30-36" Fargo - Slow to bloom, not as vigorous as the Dickinson plants

Dickinson - Uniform and healthy early but no blooms, floriferous and nice by August