Lagarus ovatus-Hare's Tail Grass. This is the first time in the trials for this grass. It didn't seem to transplant well in either location. All the plants in Fargo were dead by July although the seed heads remained attractive on the plants. In Dickinson, the plants did well early but were dead by the August evaluation; the seed heads remained.

Fargo Dickinson
July 25 September 1 July 12 August 26 Comments
Hgt. Spr. Hgt. Spr. Hgt. Spr. Hgt. Spr.
Hare's Tail Grass-Pk 8-15" 6-10" -- -- 15-20" 12-15" 20-24" 12-15" Fargo - Plants dead by July; Seed heads remained until September when (rabbits?) ate them.

Dickinson - Did well early with lots of seed heads, dead by August but heads remained