Amaranthus tricolor-Summer Poinsettia. This colorful annual did better this year than last when it lacked vigor and never grew well. This summer they didn't reach the 4-5' height the seed catalog said they should, but they did color up nicely and were an interesting addition to the gardens. The rabbits seemed to prefer 'Illumination' over 'Aurora' which slowed it down early in the season.

July 25 August 30 Comments
Hgt. Spr. Hgt. Spr.
Aurora-Pk 4-8" 2-6" 8-15" 2-15" Golden yellow 'bracts'; Least vigorous of the two cultivars, only 2 of 6 plants showed good vigor
Illumination-Pk 2-8 2-6 8-15 8-15 Red 'bracts', bronze foliage; Only 2 of 6 plants doing well at the second evaluation, good coloration by August