Eucalyptus cinerea-Eucalyptus. This aromatic plant is grown for its blue green foliage and is often used by floral designers as both a fresh green and preserved foliage. It has done well in the trial gardens in both Fargo and Dickinson. It had a tendency to fall over so it may benefit from staking. It also responds well to pruning.

Fargo Dickinson
July 25 September 1 July 12 August 26 Comments
Hgt. Spr. Hgt. Spr. Hgt. Spr. Hgt. Spr.
Eucalyptus-Pk 24" 24" Falling 24" Falling 10-12" Falling 24" Fargo - Blue-green foliage; Falling over but healthy and took frost very well

Dickinson - Very healthy and did well but stems were floppy and falling over