Dahlia Hybrids-Bedding Dahlia. These were all started from seed in the greenhouse. The plants were all healthy and vigorous but the bloom wasn't that good.

July 25 September 1 Comments
Hgt. Spr. Hgt. Spr.
Diablo-WG 10-15" 8-10" 10-15" 12-15" Pale pink, red, salmon, coral-burgundy green foliage; Never bloomed very well
Figaro Mix-Pk 6-10 6-10 12-15 10-12 Mix of colors; Best of group in July but not uniform in bloom over the course of the summer
Garden Pride-Ben 6-10 8-12 10-12 12 Never bloomed much
Redskin-WG 12-15 8-12 15-20 12 Deep red-pink, yellow with burgundy green foliage; Healthy and vigorous but not blooming much