Cuphea purpurea-Cuphea, Rabbit Ears. This is the second year for this plant in the gardens in Fargo but the first year for it in Dickinson. Although it did well at both locations it performed better over the course of the season in Dickinson. In Fargo, aphids were on it early but didn't seem to bother the plant; the aphids were gone by August.

Fargo Dickinson
July 25 September 1 July 12 August 26 Comments
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Firefly-Pk 15-20" 12-15" 15-20" 12-15" 10-15" 12-15" 12-15" 18-20" Fargo - Red; Aphids early, vigorous plants but not as floriferous as last year

Dickinson - Healthy, showy, vigorous and nice all season