Agastache spp.-Hyssop. The hyssops are known for their brightly colored flowers and aromatic foliage. Agastache cana, hummingbird mint, has a distinctive bubblegum scent and A. foeniculum, anise hyssop, has a definite licorice aroma. These are known to attract butterflies, hummingbirds and hawkmoths to gardens. A. cana 'Heather Queen' did not perform as well this year as last. Hyssops generally dislike waterlogged soils so the 11+ inches of rain that Fargo got in June probably didn't do it any good. A. foeniculum 'Blue Spike' had more vigor than 'Heather Queen'. Both tolerated the fall frosts well.



July 25 August 30 July 12 August 26
Hgt. Spr. Hgt. Spr. Hgt. Spr. Hgt. Spr.
Agastache cana

'Heather Queen'-Pk

6-8" 4" 24" 10" 10-12" 6" 20-24" 10" Fargo - Mauve; Didn't do as well this year as last, no vigor in July but looked ok in August

Dickinson -Vigorous and healthy by August but not much bloom

A. foeniculum

'Blue Spike'-Pk

6-8 6-8 12-18 8 6-12 6-10 18-20 10-12 F - Lavender blue; Nicer in Dickinson; lacked vigor early but did alright by August

D - More vigor and blooms than 'Heather Queen', especially in July