Table 2. Experimental plot description for xeriscape ornamental perennial grass trial for low water use landscaping.


Dickinson Research Extension Center, Dickinson, ND
latitude 46E 53'N, longitude 102E 49'W, elevation 2,500ft.


Three; Rep #1 West, Rep #2 Middle, Rep #3 East
Randomized Block Design

Study size:

18' x 36'

Plot size:

3' x 3'

Perimeter border:


Plot arrangement:

2 columns with numbers 1-12 on west side and numbers 13-24 on east side of each replication.

Grass samples:

24 types x 3 reps. = 72 plants

Plug planting date:

5 May 1998 holes 12" diameter, 8" deep, planted as plugs.


Morton silt loam


Wood chips applied at 4" to 6" thickness between plants.

Herbicide treatment:

Roundup applied to previously existing grass cover 30 April 1998.
No other herbicides applied.

Fertilizer treatment:

No fertilizer applied.

Soil amendments:

No soil amendments applied.


1.0 to 1.5 gallons water applied to each plot within 3.0 hours of planting. Minimum amount of irrigation water applied during growing season.

Weed control:

Wood chips used between plants to help prevent weed growth.
Weeds will be hand rogued when necessary.


Previous year senescent growth trimmed in early spring prior to rapid growth. Fall leaves of cool season grasses not trimmed.