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Livestock Feeding, Breeding, and Management Trials: Reduced Dosage Synchronization In Beef Cows Bred Naturally - J.L. Nelson and D.G. Landblom

Canola Meal vs Soybean Meal and Two Levels of Protein for Backgrounding Steer Calves - J.L. Nelson and D.G. Landblom

Supplementing Various Phases of Beef Cattle Production With a Heat Processed Molasses Supplement - D. G. Landblom and J. L. Nelson

Marketing Shrink Study - James L. Nelson and D. G. Landblom

Short Term Swine Identification for Market Hogs - James Nelson, Doug Landblom, and Dr. Irwin Huff, DVM

Multi-Species Grazing of Native Range In Western North Dakota - J.L. Nelson, D.G. Landblom, Phil Sjursen, and T.J. Conlon

Brood Cow Performance In Western North Dakota: Drylot Phase - D.G. Landblom and J.L. Nelson