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Miscellaneous Cooperative Projects

  1. Field evaluation of woody plant materials for conservation use. The station continued to cooperate with the Soil Conservation Service Plant Materials Center, Bismarck, ND in their project number 381316K. The objective of this project is to assemble and evaluate woody plant materials for conservation use. New and/or replacement plantings have been made each year since 1978. Field evaluation of material included in this planting is made annually and reported biennially in even numbered years in the SCS Plant Materials Center Technical Report. The 1984 annual report of the Dickinson Station included a summary of evaluation of material included in the Dickinson planting. The 1986 station report will include an update of these evaluations.
  2. Phenological observations on Red Rothamagensis lilac in the NE69 Phenology project were completed for the 24th consecutive year and results forwarded to the project leader at Purdue University.
  3. Re-evaluation of NC7 Regional ornamental plant trials is underway following a change in project leadership at the Regional Plant Introduction Station, Ames, Iowa. Inventory of all previously planted materials was completed with the assistance of personnel from the Department of Horticulture, NDSU. Plantings in 1985, which included 10 new species, were completed for the 30th consecutive year of cooperation.
  4. The third year of cooperation with Johnson Foundation Seeds in testing of drought resistant sunflower hybrids was completed.
  5. While not a formal project, the Station continued to serve the National Weather Service as a bench mark station at Dickinson and as a weather observation station at Ranch headquarters. The Dickinson Branch Station weather station may be the only remaining bench mark location in North Dakota. Observations from this location have been continuous since 1987.

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