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Sunflowers have been grown at this station from time to time beginning in 1913. The following was included in the annual report of that year.

In the spring of 1913 Russian sunflower seed secured from Currie Bros., Milwaukee, Wis., was sown May 17th, in rows 3 feet apart with a garden drill. The land used for growing this crop was practically summer fallowed in 1912 and it received an application of farm yard manure. On August 27th, a row of sunflowers was harvested and made a yield of field cured stalks and seeds of 4.356 tons per acre; the greatest weight of plants produced by any crop at the Dickinson substation any year. The clean seed yielded an equivalent of 606 pounds per acre or about 7% of the air cured material. The seed was found to weigh 25 pounds per bushel by chondrometer tests; 43.1% of the seed was hulls and 56.9% kernels. There is very little use for the heavy amount of roughage or sunflower stalks produced. The crop is of doubtful economic value for this section of the state.

Subsequent reports mention sunflowers being grown for silage as well as seed, bu the crop has never been popular with the farmers of this region.

Four newer varieties were tested this year. Although stands were good seed yields were disappointingly low, perhaps as a result of dry weather in July and August.

Table 36 - Sunflower variety trial

Hybrid or Variety

Test weight, lb/bu Seed yield, lb/a
Sundak 34.0 433
Peredovik 32.5 327
Sputnik 34.5 298
Hybrid 204 38.5 265
Planted May 29, 1975; harvested October 17, 1975.

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