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Seedings of grain variety trials at Dickinson began with rye plantings on September 9, 1974. Wheat, durum, oats and barley were seeded May 16, 1975.

Small grain variety trials were seeded at off station sites beginning at Hettinger on May 14, followed by plantings at Bowman May 15, Mandan May 20, Glen Ullin May 25, Killdeer May 29 and Beach June 2. Above average precipitation in March, April and May created conditions which resulted in the later than normal seeding dates.

All trials were seeded on summerfallow. Fertilizer application was uniform for all varieties at a given location, based on soil tests. Rates of application recommended by the North Dakota State University Soils Testing Laboratory were used for all trials.

Trials with spring grain were seeded with a double disk press drill at the rate of 1 bushel per acre for spring wheat and durum, 1 1/4 bushel per acre for barley and 1 bushel per acre for oats.

Winter grains were seeded with a deep furrow drill equipped with 4 inch spear point shovels spaced 10 inches apart. Seeding rates were 1 bushel per acre for rye and 50 pounds per acre for winter wheat.

Regional nursery trials were seeded, beginning with hard red spring wheat and durum on May 16. All barley nurseries were seeded on May 19; oats nurseries were planted May 26, and flax on May 28. The sunflower planting was made on May 29.


Data for all small grain production trials conducted in 1975 are presented in tables 1 through 35. Unless noted otherwise, all yields are reported in bushels per acre, and test weights are reported in pounds per bushel.

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