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This trial compares the performance of steers in the feed lot receiving injectible vitamins with steers receiving no injectible vitamins has been carried on for the two year period 1963-1965.

Steers averaged 420 pounds at the beginning of the trial and were on feed for 321 days. The ration was the same for all steers and averaged 28 pounds corn silage, 1 pound alfalfa hay and 6.0 pounds rolled barley plus 1 pound supplement per head per day.

The vitamin A preparation contained 722,000 International units of A, along with 75,000 International units of D, and 50,000 International units of vitamin E per cc. The steers receiving vitamins were injected approximately every 56 days with 1 cc of the vitamin combination.

Weight and gains for this trial are shown in table 26. Data on grades, dressing percent and carcass value are given in table 27.

Table 26. Weights and Gains in Feed Lot of Steers Receiving injectible Vitamins Compared with Steers Receiving No injectible Vitamins.
  Vitamins No Vitamins
Number of Steers 23 24
Days Fed 321 321
Average Initial Weight 421.5 422.7
Average Final Weight 1,057.4 1,055.8
Gain 635.9 633.1
Average Daily Gain 1.98 1.97


Table 27. Grades, Dressing Percentage, and Carcass Value of Steers in Feed Lot Receiving injectible Vitamins Compared With Steers Receiving No injectible Vitamins
  Vitamins No Vitamins
Average Dressing % 56.6 56.5
Average Carcass Weight 598.0 596.7
Average Carcass Value $240.46 $240.92
Average Selling Price $40.21 $40.38
Grades 19 Choice, 2 T. Good, 2 A. Good 1 Prime, 21 Choice, 2 T. Good

The 1965 trial shows no advantage for using injectible vitamin solutions. However, the 2 year average shows that about a $6.00 advantage for the vitamin injection shown in table 28. More work will have to be carried out in order to get results which are meaningful to the farmer, rancher, or feed lot operator.

Table 28. 2 year Average Results for Steers Receiving injectible Vitamin A Compared to Those receiving No injectible Vitamins.
  Vitamins No Vitamins
Initial Weight 394 394
Final Weight 1060 1025
Gain 667 631
Average Daily Gain 2.03 1.93
Average Dressing % 56.2 56.6
Average Carcass Dressed Price $38.80 $38.78
Average Grade Choice Choice
Average Carcass Value $231.03 $225.03

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