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Wintering Light-Weight Mixed Calves

The seventeen lightest calves (9 steers and 8 heifers) in the herd at weaning in 1959 were fed as a single lot until May. The ration of corn silage, alfalfa hay, soybean meal, ground oats, and minerals, was the same as that fed to the larger steers of Lot 3, Table 6. No special care was given the light weights. The nine steers averaged 1.80 pounds gain per day during the winter, while the eight heifers gained at 1.57 pounds per day. The results for the entire lot are presented in Table 8.

Table 8. Wintering Light-Weight Steers and Heifers

No. Calves 17
Initial Wt. 233
Final Wt. 534
Av. D. Gain 1.69
Days on Feed 178

Daily Ration:

Corn Silage 20.5
Alfalfa Hay 1.5
Ground Oats 2.9
Soymeal 1.0
Bonemeal & Salt, 3:1 2

Feed per 100 Lb. Gain:

Corn Silage 1208
Alfalfa Hay 88
Ground Oats 173
Soymeal 58
Bonemeal & Salt, 3:1 11
Feed Cost per 100 Lb. Gain $11.07

While these steers and heifers did not gain as rapidly as the larger steers on Lot 3, Table 6, gains were cheaper by 32 cents per 100 pounds. There was no more sickness in these than in the other calves during the winter.

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