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Scientific Conferences:

Public Meetings:

Date Group Subject Attendance
February 11 Slope Co. Agr. Imp. Assn. Agron. work-DES 60
February 16 First Annual Sheep Day - Hettinger    
March 2 Glen Ullin Knights of Columbus Agron. work-DES 60
March 7-8 Valley City Winter Show Judging  
May 20 NDSU R ans PM Class Tour of DES 18
June 29 Crops Field Day Corn fertilizer work 125
July 7 Towner Stockmen Tour of DES 60
July 13 Dickinson Rotary Club Tour of DES 40
July 14 Hettinger Co. Crop Imp. Assn. Tour - Attended  
July 25 DSTC General Agr. Class Tour of DES 30
August 5 Guatemala Wheat Group Tour of DES 8
September 3 Hebron 4-H Achievement Day Judge  
September 9 Richardton 4-H Achievement Day Judge  
September 10 Golden Valley 4-H Ach. Day Judge  
October 4 Barley Boosters tour from Bismarck Tour of feed lots 75
October 22 SCS Annual Awards Banquet Attended  
November 9 Hettinger Co. 4-H Leaders Recog. Main Speaker 60
November 30 C of C Agr. Committee on Livestock Research Roundup  
November 30 Dickinson Elementary 8th Grade Soils & formation 100
December 7 (11th) Livestock Research Roundup Corn 1150


January 14 Depth of moisture at seeding and yield
February 4 Seed selection and cleaning
February 25 Seed selection and cleaning
March 17 Placement of fertilizer on corn
April 7 Use of Soil test for fertilizer recommendation
May 5 Seeding corn
June 9 Crops Field Day and Weed spraying
July 28 Crop prospects for 1960
August 25 Preliminary results - 1960 variety trials
September 22 More on 1960 variety trials
October 13 Comparison of Early & Late Fall grass seeding
November 10 Livestock Research Roundup.
December 15 Wheat yields on stubble land tilled in the fall

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