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New Crested Wheatgrass Plots

Yields of hay (oven-dry weight) from the plots in the new crested wheatgrass trial are given in Table 7. This trial was seeded in 1958, and the first yields were taken in 1959. It is interesting that in terms of over-all yield commercial standard crested and commercial Fairway crested have slightly better 2-year average production than do the newer varieties. Probably no particular significance should be attached to this fact this early in the trial. Turkish Fairway seems to have little or no adaptation to the area, and no stands of A-1770 were obtained from the initial seeding.

With Turkish Fairway excluded form the trial, the range in yields for the 1960 season was from 1461 pounds per acre for Nordan to 1815 pounds per acre for commercial crested. All the major varieties produced nearly 3/4 ton of hay per acre or better. The average yield for all varieties for the 2-year period is slightly under 3/4 ton per acre. None of the varieties appear to be outstandingly better than any of the others in terms of over-all production. The fact that Turkish Fairway is an exception to this general statement has been previously mentioned.

Table 7. Hay Yields from Crested Wheatgrass Varieties seeded in 1958.
Dry-weight-Lbs., Acre
Variety 1959 1960 2-Year Average Yield
Commercial Crested 1452 1815 1633
Commercial Fairway 1425 1619 1522
Nebraska 3576 Fairway 1371 1605 1488
Summit Crested 1328 1614 1471
Nebraska 10 1137 1791 1464
Nordan Crested 1427 1461 1444
Mandan 2359 1157 1687 1422
South Dakota 15 1164 1546 1355
Turkish Fairway 753 930 841
A-1770 no stand --- ---
Average 1246 1563 1404

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