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1. Correspondence: Thirty-four letters were written in the conduct of business relating to the Dickinson Station.

2. Radio Programs and TV Shows: Radio programs participated in since last January 1 are as follows:

January 7, 1960 (recording) Crested Wheatgrass varieties
May 5, 1960 Clipping trials
May 26, 1960 Bromegrass varieties
June 16, 1960 Fertilizer on grass
July 7, 1960 Nitrogen on Crested Wheatgrass
August 11, 1960 Hay yields
September 8, 1960 Pasture trials

TV Program:

December 16, 1960 (KXJB) Grass growth

3. Public Meetings:

Date Meeting Attendance Participation
6/29/60 Dickinson Crops Field Day 125 Half day of tours
6/30/60 Medora Grazing Assoc., Medora 50 30 minutes on range research
7/13/60 Dickinson Rotary Club 50 10 minutes on microclimate tour
7/21/60 Dickinson State Teachers College Conservation Class 27 One hour on grassland in North Dakota
8/5/60 Guatemala Wheat Commission Team 13 Two-hour tour of Station
11/3/60 Farmers' Institute, Harvey, North Dakota 75 40 minutes on pasture management
12/7/60 Livestock Research Roundup 1150 Tour and 15 minutes on grasses and fertilizers

4. Scientific Conferences:

Date Meeting Attendance Participation
1/22/60 Weather Bureau Conference, Fargo 10 Discussion of soil moisture survey
2/1-5/60 American Society of Range Management, Portland, Oregon 480 Attended sessions
2/10-12/60 NC-26 Climate Comm., Lincoln, Nebraska 18 Discussion of climate projects
2/14-17/60 ARS-SCS Research Aplication Workshop, Rapid City, South Dakota 45 30 minutes on pasture and grass trials
3/10/60 SCS Research needs Committee 35 Discussion of range research needs
5/6-7/60 North Dakota Academy of Science, Fargo 120 Official greeting and attended sessions
7/7-8/60 N. Great Plains Sec. Am. Soc. Range Mangt.. Birney, Montana 80 Field trip and discussions
12/13/60 Range Management Committee, Fargo 6 Range research in North Dakota

5. Publications: "Results of grass and pasture trials at the Dickinson Experiment Station". 10 pages, Mimeo., 150 copies. (Distributed at ARS-SCS Meeting, Rapid City, South Dakota, February, 1960.)

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