Date Meetings & Tours Attendance
Jan. 6-9 Annual Branch Station Conference 550
Jan. 22 Red River Valley Farm Forum, Grand Forks " From Silage to Steak"
Jan. 24 Farmers and Ranchers Day, Glendive "From Silage to Steak" 150
Jan. 25 Dickinson State Teacher's College "Tour of Livestock Projects" 30
Jan. 29 Golden Valley County Feeders Tour 125
Feb. 4 Glen Ullin K of C " Increasing our Income From Cattle" 30
Feb. 9 Harlow, County Agric. Imp. "Improving our Agriculture" 35
Feb. 10 Devils Lake, County Agri. Imp. "Improving our Agriculture" 50
Feb. 19 Fargo, Farm Managers "New findings in increasing our Income" 20
Feb. 20 Mohall, County Agri. Imp. Ass'n Winter Show "Increasing our Farm Income" 80
Feb. 25 Wibaux, County Imp. Ass'n. "Feeding our Beef Cattle" 40
March 1-4 Valley City Winter Show "Exhibited - Yorkshires"
March 24 Vets Ag Class - Lemon " Tour of Station" 20
March 25 Dick Witz "Plans for new grain elevator"
March 26 Wing Farmers Institute "Increasing your Income from Beef" 125
April 2 Dunn Center High School Class "Tour 5
April 6 Beach Elementary Class 7
May 19 Dr. Callenbach visited Station with Drs. Neal and Shackley of U.S.D.A.
May 20 Dr. Whitman's class of NDAC "Toured Station" 15
May 21 School children and parents of Hettinger com. "Toured Station" 30
June16 Mr. Mead and Mr. Nygaard "Tour of Station 2
June 24 Crops Day "Tour of Station" 250
June 24 Lars Jensen " Visited Station"
June 30 SC Service "Judging Farms"
July 8 DSTC Conservation Class "The Future of Agriculture" 40
July 11 N.G.P.S. of A.S.R.M. "Tour" 60
July 22 South Western District 4-H Judging Contest 75
Sept. 10 State meeting Crop Ins. "Our place in N.D. Agriculture" 98
Sept. 25 McKenzie County "Judging County 4-H Fair" 50
Sept. 28 Dickinson SCS Meeting "The SCS program"
Sept. 28 Turtle Lake "Wintering Cows on low level rations" 75
Sept. 28 Wilton "Wintering Cows on low level rations" 75
Oct. 5 Dickinson Garden Club "The Fruit Garden" 20
Oct. 21 Annual Swine Day "N.D.A.C." 50
Oct. 26 Annual meeting Oliver Co. Livestock Ass'n. "Low Level Rations" 40
Nov. 4 Agriculture Committee "Chamber of Commerce" 10
Nov. 6 Church and Agriculture Institute "Keeping our youth in North Dakota" 38
Nov. 12 State SCS meeting, Minot "Livestock and Conservation" 200
Nov. 9 Career Day "Dickinson High School"
Nov. 16 Mott Business Men "Judge Livestock"
Dec. 2 Glen Ullin K of C "Wintering Beef Cows" 88
Dec. 4 Carson Grant Co. Improvement Ass'n. "Keeping up our Livestock" 16
Dec. 9 Livestock Research Roundup 1100
Dec. 15 Burleigh County Livestock Ass'n. Tour 200
Total 3799