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Trials with winter wheat at the Dickinson Experiment Station for the 1954-55 season included a variety trial of three varieties; the Uniform Winter hardiness Nursery of eighteen varieties and selections and the Supplementary Winter hardiness Nursery which included one hundred sixty seven varieties and selections.

Moisture conditions were not favorable for a good germination and early growth and the crop did not make a vigorous fall growth. Winter killing was heavy, averaging virtually 100% in all three trials.

Seed which failed to germinate in the fall did germinate early in the spring and a thin stand of winter wheat was carried through to harvest. Yields from the varietal trials are summarized in Table 25.

A summary of thirty years of trials with winter wheat at the Dickinson Experiment Station was published in Vol. XVIII No. 1 of the Bimonthly Bulletin, the September-October issue for 1955.

Table 25 - Agronomic Data from Winter Wheat Variety Trials - 1955
Date Seeded - 9-3-54; Date Emerged - 9-16-54; Rate - 1 bpa; Plot Size - 1/50 acre
Description Yield - Bu. Per Acre Test Wt.
1 2 3 Av.
Minturki 14.6 12.5 14.6 13.9 59.0
Minter 12.5 16.2 13.3 14.0 60.0
Yogo 19.2 16.7 17.9 17.6 59.0

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