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North Central Sweetclover Nursery
The 1955 forage yields from the north central sweetclover nursery plots are given in Table 6. The 1954 yields and the two-year average yields are given in the table also. The 1955 nursery was seeded on summer fallow in the spring of 1954. Excellent stands of all varieties was obtained, although weed competition was somewhat heavy in the late summer of 1954. Growth and development of the sweetclover in the 1955 season were excellent, although perhaps not quite as good as in the trial which was harvested in 1954.

The time of harvest was somewhat late. The yellow sweet clover and common white were slightly past full bloom while Evergreen was at about 50 percent bloom. For the most part there had been very little leaf drop in any of the varieties. Madrid was the most mature variety at the time of harvest.

All varieties in the trial produced excellent yields. The highest yielding variety this year was A-46, which produced 1.82 tons of dry forage per acre. Evergreen, with 1.78 tons per acre, was second in yield, and common yellow at 1.77 tons was third. A-46 is a yellow sweetclover; Evergreen is a tall, late - maturing white sweeclover. On the basis of the two year averages, A-46 has been the highest yielder, S-65 (yellow) second, and Evergreen third.

Table 6. Forage Yields North Central Sweetclover Nursery1
Variety Dry Weight - tons per acre
1954 1955 Two - Year Average
A-46 1.93 1.82 1.87
S-65 1.96 1.65 1.80
Evergreen 1.77 1.78 1.77
Madrid 1.86 1.47 1.66
Spanish 1.64 1.42 1.53
Common Yellow --- 1.77 ---
Common White --- 1.46 ---
Average 1.83 1.62 1.73
1Seed supplied by Dr. P. C. Sandal, Agronomy Dept., N. Dak. Exp. Station

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