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New work begun in 1955 includes the seeding of a new North Central Sweetclover Nursery supplied by Dr. Sandal; a small plot trial comparing beardless wheat grass (Agropyron inerme) with Nordan crested wheat grass and intermediate wheat grass; and the application of nitrogen fertilizer to seed production plots of seven grass varieties.

In addition, work has begun on the study of growth habits and production of native grasses in relation to utilization. This work is being carried on under main Station project Hatch 37.

Excellent stands were obtained in the new seedings, although weed competition became heavy in mid-summer. All new seedings were clipped twice to reduce weed competition. Beardless wheat grass, which is reported to be about as hardy as crested wheat grass in the Oregon-Washington area, does not seem to have the seedling vigor of crested and intermediate in our section. It suffered quite severely from the heavy weed competition.

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