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The yields of alfalfa hay from the dryland alfalfa plots are given in Table 7. This study has been continued for three years, the initial seeding having been made in 1952, and the yields for each of the previous years are also given in the table, together with the three-year averages. For the most part, the plots in this trial support excellent stands. However, there has been some damage to a few of the plots in the first replication because of the action of pocket gophers.

Of all 11 varieties included in this trial, all except Nomad produced more than one ton per acre of dry hay this season. The top yielder was Du Puits with 1.37 tons. Narragansett was second with 1.31 tons per acre; Rhizoma third with 1.30 tons; and N - synthetic fourth with 1.27 tons.

Of the common varieties, Grimm yielded 1.24 tons, Cossack 1.18 tons, Ladak 1.17 tons and Ranger 1.12 tons. These four varieties were thus among the six lowest producers this year. However, on the basis of the three year averages, Ladak ranks third in production and Cossack fifth. The highest producer over the three year period has been Narragansett. Ranger, Sevelra, and Nomad have been consistently low producers.

The 1955 season was the first year of the three in the trial in which two cuttings were made. Previously the plots had produced only one cutting of alfalfa. Had moisture been as favorable early in the season as it was in mid-season, the alfalfa crop would have been unusually heavy this season. However, the first cutting was somewhat stunted by the dry weather which prevailed from the beginning of the growth in the spring until about the end of May. This distribution of moisture especially affected the yield of Ladak and Cossack, since these varieties normally make most of their production in the early part of the season.

Table 7. Yield of Hay from Alfalfa Variety Plots in Dryland Alfalfa Study
Variety Yield1 - Tons per acre (Oven dry)
1953 1954 1955 3 - year Average
Narragansett 2.18 1.16 1.31 1.55
Du Puits 1.83 1.10 1.37 1.43
Ladak 2.09 0.97 1.17 1.41
Atlantic 1.92 1.03 1.25 1.40
Cossack 2.04 0.95 1.18 1.39
Rhizoma 1.78 1.07 1.30 1.38
N - synthetic 1.93 0.92 1.27 1.37
Grimm 1.80 0.93 1.24 1.32
Ranger 1.73 0.96 1.12 1.27
Sevelra 1.73 0.90 1.06 1.23
Nomad 1.68 0.60 0.89 1.06
Average 1.88 0.96 1.20 1.35
1One cutting in 1953 and 1954, two cuttings in 1955.

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