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Dickinson Bunt Nursery: 1039 varieties or selections - four foot rows

Wheats making up this nursery have all been developed at the Dickinson Experiment Station with the exception of the standard checks. Included this year were selections from the best crosses made here since 1945. Several hundred selections were made from this material for future use in both the breeding work and as possible commercial varieties.


As in the past, a promising Dickinson wheat was used as one of the parents in each cross made in the Dickinson Experiment Station wheat breeding program this year, and several are combinations of two promising Dickinson wheats. Thsi seems desirable because of the fact that material developed at Dickinson is not available for the most part in other stations and some of this material is exceptionally high yielding and possess other good agronomic qualities. Its combination with new wheats in an attempt to produce a strain which carries the yielding capacity of the Dickinson wheats and possesses rust resistance is the goal towards which we are striving.

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